Don't Overlook This Stick Bait Rig

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Don't Overlook This Stick Bait Rig

There is no doubt that the stick bait (often called the senko) catches fish. Sure, they often aren't very big, but they catch fish. You've likely fished it on a wacky rig or Texas Rig. But odd are you've never fished it on a shakey head.

How to Fish a Stick Bait on a Shakey Head

I'm a huge believer in fishing the stick bait on a shakey head. I first saw it done on YouTube and decided I had to give it a shot. I've been doing it for years now, and I'm here to pass on the knowledge.

Rig It On a Spot Remover

If you aren't familiar with the spot remover, go check it out here. It is essentially a shakey head with a flat side, helping the rig to stand up straight. And let me tell you, this thing is flat out DEADLY. 9 times out of 10 if I'm fishing a shakey head, this is what I'm using.

bass fishing shakey head tips

(Not a Stick Bait, but just a pretty cool picture of the Spot Remover)

One thing you'll notice is that the head is a little bit bulkier. This is perfect for fishing a stick bait since it is bulkier as well. The head matches up perfectly with the rest of the head.

Find Rocks

When I see rocks, I'm thinking shakey head. Even when I'm not on the lake and I see rocks, I immediately think shakey head. I could be stranded in the Mojave Desert but if I saw rocks, I'd be looking for my shakey head. I just can't help myself. Moral of the story is throw the stick bait on a shakey head when you get around rocks. It is a tactic I use no matter what season or condition I'm fishing.

Pre/Post-Spawn - Find rocky banks and points outside of flat spawning areas.

Summer - Look for rocky banks and points on the main lake.

Fall - Find rocks in dirt shallow water. Make sure there is bait around.

Winter - Same as summer, which is a little weird considering the weather is opposite. But that's bass behavior for you.

For all my pond fishermen out there, it isn't any different. Find deeper rocks in the summer and winter. Find shallow rocks in the fall and spring.

Hop It Over the Rocks

You have to fish this thing painfully slow to be successful. Make a cast and let the bait sink. On the bottom, the stick bait will be sitting upright thanks to its more rigid profile and the flat head of the spot remover. Let the bait sit for a second or two, then begin slowly dragging it until you get stuck behind a rock. Next, pop it over the rock and continue dragging.

 stick bait senko shakey head lots of tips

When you have success with this tactic, make sure to send me a picture. (Reece Kennedy - I'd love to see your fish and hear any additional tips you have!

Tight Lines,

Reece Kennedy


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