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I've been a proud owner of a bass boat for a little over a year now. I've learned a lot in that time, and decided it is right to give a couple tips on what you should do when presented with the opportunity (and challenge) of buying a bass boat. I hope to help you avoid some of the headaches I've had with my boat, and hopefully save you a couple bucks (or a couple thousand). 4 Things to Know Before Buying Your First Bass Boat I'm starting out this list with the most important tip. Leave a Solid Chunk...

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I see so many pond fishermen all over the country making a crucial mistake that is costing them many fish. When I first started pond fishing I made the same mistake, and as soon as I fixed it I started hooking up more. Fishermen in a boat always seem to be casting as close to the bank as they can. Meanwhile, pond fishermen always seem to be casting as far away from the bank as they can. Why is that? Who has it right? Pond Bass Caught by @caughtplayinghookie on Instagram Learn How to Catch Bass in Ponds by Breaking This Bad...

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